1.                  Organisation:


This charter gives structure to the organization known as the Past and Present Members Association (PPMA) of 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery (3 RHA).  Membership is exclusive to past and present members of 3rd RHA including attached arms. 

2.                                   Aims of the PPMA:


The aims of the PPMA are as follows;


a.         To promote the annual PPMA function thereby providing a central focus for all 3 RHA reunions.  (The PPMA will not infringe on previously established Sub Unit re-union organisations).  


b.         To provide an opportunity for serving and ex members to meet annually.


c.                  To foster links with recruiting areas and former members.


d.         To identify ex members unfortunate enough to have fallen on hard times and coordinate RAA assistance if necessary.

3.            Roles and Responsibilities:

The role of the PPMA is to maintain links between serving and ex members of 3 RHA.  Thus providing a foundation on which the Regimental ethos and heritage may continue to flourish.  In addition the PPMA will assist in sourcing links within the Regimental recruiting area to aid the Regimental Recruitment Team.  The following responsibilities have been established;


a.                  President                               -           Lt Gen F R Viggers CMG MBE.


b.         Co Chairman                         -           Commanding Officer of the Serving                                                                                   Regiment.     


c.         Co Chairman                         -           Brian T O’Neill.


d.                 Membership Secretary         -           WO2 McLure.


e.         Battery Representatives       -           By appointment.


f.          Welfare Secretary                 -           Regimental Welfare Officer.

4.            Membership (Core and Honorary):

Core membership is an inherent entitlement to all serving and ex members of 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery regardless of time served.  Honorary membership is offered to families of deceased members of the Regiment who have died whilst serving with the Regiment.

All members will have access to the PPMA website which will contain all current and archive information on future and past events.

Upon discharge from 3 RHA individual details will be recorded on the PPMA database and individuals will be informed of the PPMA annual function.

5.         Links to other Organizations/Associations:

The PPMA web site, hyper linked via the Regimental web site will offer all sub unit links to be advertised on this site.  All extant sub unit web sites maintained by ex members will be allowed to create a link to this web site, thus centralizing the PPMA information hub.  

In addition the PPMA will maintain links with:

a.                 Associated RAA branches.

b.                 Affiliated CCFs.

c.                 RRT.

6.                                    Annual Fees:

Annual fees will not be charged for membership to the PPMA.  Alternative fund raising will be organised at the annual PPMA event.  The format of this fund raising will be confirmed at the 2007 function.

7.                                    Conclusion:

The PPMA is the envy of many Regiments within the Royal Regiment.  It provides depth to the Regiments heritage and future to the family known as 3 RHA. 



Contact: Paddy O’Neill:  boneill@conistonifa.com  or  Tel: 01206 751999